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Say Hello to Gift Giving made Smart

An LCD screen encapsulated with strong, clean acrylic holds the power to create a unique and sentimental gift. The Replay frames are offered in three models; mini, original and max, with three display options. 

Made with modern technology, employs a smart magnetic interface which eliminates the use of any buttons and plays just by picking it up.

  • Replay Max: 22.8cm x16.5cm x 2.4cm with 7 inch display screen
  • Replay: 17.5cm x11cm x 2.4cm with 5 inch display screen
  • Replay Mini: 15.8cm x 10.4cm x 2.4cm with 4 inch display screen

Step 1: Choose between the Replay, Replay Mini or Replay Max.

Step 2: Select your preferred orientation (Vertical/Portrait or Horizontal/Landscape)

Step 3: Click the "upload your video" button and pick your favourite memory. Make sure it is a high quality video and it can be up to 30 minutes long!

Suggestions & Disclaimers

  • Ensure that your video is high quality and within the resolution requirements (845x480 - Replay & Replay Mini, 1024x500 - Replay Max)
  • As we are continuing to make improvements with our frames to create the very best possible product, the Replay Mini does not hold the capacity to have sound for the moment. If you would like sound included we suggest choosing the Replay Cubes, Replay or Replay Max.
  • If you choose to include sound in your order, it CANNOT be turned off. Please keep this in mind as it may cause disturbances if your Replay is left on display for long periods of time. Because of this, we recommend choosing NO SOUND.

Step 1: Using the cut out tab on the side, lift the frame out of the package.

Step 2: Hold it up and watch your memory come to life!

Step 3: Place your Replay in your desired spot to light up your space.

Step 4: To keep running forever, plug it in or to stop it, just place it back in the box!

1. Ensure the Replay is not kept in direct sunlight as this will ruin the acrylic and cause internal damage.

2. Keep out of places of water exposure (e.g bathroom) as the moisture will reduce the longevity of use.

3. Use any standard alcohol wipe or glass cleaner to wipe the front and back of the Replay. Avoid close contact with the charger hole as it may affect its integrity.

4. Keep it plugged in for infinite use however beware of the chance of overheating. This will depend on the natural room temperature and placement.

What is the difference between the Replay, Replay Mini and Replay Max?

The main difference between the three Replays is size and supported resolution. All hold the same amount of storage (1GB) but offer three varying video displays (854x480 - Replay & Replay Mini, 1024x600 - Replay Max)

How does it play?

The frames use smart magnetic sensing technology to recognise when to play and when not to! To start the frame, all you have to do is take it out of the box and place it in the desired setting. To turn it off, just put it back in the box with the black cardstock on the bottom.

Can it play sound?

Yes! All of our frames now have the ability to include sound.

We are slowly phasing out our old stock that does NOT have the capability to turn on/off sounds (only applies for Original and Max). If, in your order, you choose no sound, you will be given one of our old stock. If you choose sound, you will be given our new stock with, all the same capabilities, just with a new button on the back to mute the frame. If you have a preference on which frame you would like, please leave a note in your order.

Does it play forever?

It most definitely can! the Replay was built for it to be plugged in to loop forever. Each Replay comes with a magnetic cable attachment to charge. To keep it playing forever, all you have to do is keep it plugged in. Without the charging cable, the battery life is 1-2 hours. 

Can I change the video?

Yes! Each frame comes with a cord to not only plug it in, but it can be connected to a desktop and the video can be changed.

How do I plug it in?

Each Replay comes with a USB cable that can connect the frame to an outlet. One side is a USB port which can be plugged in with any standard transformer. The other end is a magnetic v5 which connects directly to the frame.

Processing Time

All domestic orders placed before 7pm AEST on a business day will be assembled same day and dispatched within 1-3 business days. Orders placed after 7pm will start the assembly process the next business day and dispatched within 1-3 business days from that.

Due to restrictions in sending shipments with lithium batteries overseas, dispatch time from ordering internationally will be 1-5 business days.

All frames are dispatched from Australia via Australia Post eParcel (domestic) and DHL Express (international). Due to the batteries inbuilt into our products, all parcels have to be transported by road and not air (domestic), which means that we cannot offer an "express" option.


Domestic: 3-6 business days

International: 5-10 business days

The above times are merely estimates and are NOT guarantees. Parcels are subject to delays to due covid setbacks and government regulations. To find out more information regarding shipping times, please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
delivery issues

I ordered replay max, which they didn’t have. Delivery is taking almost a month and I ordered it to my family’s address in Germany. It’s arriving a day later that I’m leaving. the delivery is very bad

I dont know

I still haven’t got the gift for valentine, i wait a long time and cant communicate with them.. they’re not responding my emails and it is fustrating me. I want to give my boyfriend a pretty gift but i think that it is too late for that…..

Sienna Hyland
Rewind review

I got this for my sisters birtdhay and it finally came. It is beautiful and we love it so much

Shri Krishna C.c
This is the CUTEST gift idea ever!

It’s crystal clear and the frame itself is sturdy and so cute. It's easy to charge and just an all around amazing product.
I bought it to my fiance's birthday and i love that Rewindau can capture the memory and emotion of the memories of love to my fiance and i.


Amazing I loved it will be ordering again

Seamless Use

Each Replay is powered by smart technology that can play without the use of external controls.

Everlasting Memories

Replays can hold anywhere between 4 to 30 minute videos!

Free Australian Shipping

We offer free domestic shipping on ALL orders and are dispatched in under a week!