Where Do You Ship To?

Rewind now ships worldwide! All international orders are sent with DHL express and will be delivered in 5-8 days after dispatch.


Can I upload my own video?

Yes! The objective of our products is to capture your perfect memories and turn them into a physical keepsake. Just upload your favourite video and we will send you your perfect memory in a little box.

What kind of video should I upload?

We offer both orientations (Portrait and Landscape) for Replays but only Landscape/Horizontal for the Replay Cube. We accept .mp4 and .mov files and we recommend uploading a high quality video as when it is blown up on a larger scale, the better the quality, the better the video.

Note: If you upload a vertical/portrait video for the Replay Cube, bars on either side of the video will be inserted to make up for the empty space.

How Long Can The Video Be?

The Replay, Replay Mini and Replay Max has 1GB storage which is approximately a 30 minute video!

The Replay cube is 125MB which is about a 3-4 minute video.

Can I Have More Than 1 Video in the frame?

The frame can only hold one video file but what we can do is combine multiple videos into a compilation so that the final result is one video file.


What is the difference between the Replay, Replay Mini and Replay Max?

The main difference between the three Replays is size and supported resolution. All hold the same amount of storage (1GB) but offer three varying video displays (854x480 - Replay & Replay Mini, 1024x600 - Replay Max)

How does it play?

The frames use smart magnetic sensing technology to recognise when to play and when not to! To start the frame, all you have to do is take it out of the box and place it in the desired setting. To turn it off, just put it back in the box with the black cardstock on the bottom.

The cardstock has an inbuilt magnetic sensor that switches the frame on and off!

Can it play sound?

Yes! All of our frames now have the ability to include sound.

We are slowly phasing out our old stock that does NOT have the capability to turn on/off sounds (only applies for Original and Max). If, in your order, you choose no sound, you will be given one of our old stock. If you choose sound, you will be given our new stock with, all the same capabilities, just with a new button on the back to mute the frame. If you have a preference on which frame you would like, please leave a note in your order.

Does it play forever?

It most definitely can! Each Replay comes with a magnetic cable attachment to charge. To keep it playing forever, all you have to do is keep it plugged in. Without the charging cable, the battery life is 1-2 hours. 

How do I plug it in?

Each Replay comes with a USB cable that can connect the frame to an outlet. One side is a USB port which can be plugged in with any standard transformer. The other end is a magnetic v5 which connects directly to the frame.



What Colours are offered in the Replay Cube?

We offer three different coloured roses: Red, White and Pink.

What kind of video can go in the Replay Cube?

The replay cube can only support landscape videos. If you upload a portrait video, black bars will appear on either side to fill in the empty space.

We are not responsible for unsupported videos being uploaded. 

How does the replay cube work?

To begin the video, open the box. To stop the video, close the box. It also comes with a charging cable in the bottom drawer where you can recharge and play your video over and over again!